Corrine Virag, taking the reins her way.

The category is NSW Production Touring Cars and the team is Team Virag Racing, a two-car team, car 41 driven by Tony Virag and car 42 driven by the only female driver in the field, Corrine Virag.

Fuelled with a passion for all things cars from her earliest years, Corrine spent family weekends with Father, Tony, as he raced at tracks throughout the early 2000’s. Many hours were spent in the shed working on car builds and when it wasn’t a race weekend, there were long family weekend drives in the beloved VN SS. Then came track days.

I met Corrine at one of our track days some years back, with Mum Jacqui’s never-ending encouragement, and Dad, Tony’s race expertise, the road was paved for Corrine to slip on a helmet and have a steer, all Corrine had to do was to decide if she wanted to.

After enthusiastically spectating and supporting Tony at our track days and even more race days and owning the Car Controller role for two race teams since 2016, Corrine decided to climb into the drivers-seat.

With her incessant passion and a vision fuelled with a V8 5.7 litre supercharged Holden GTS helping find her confidence, all the while listening intently to the experience and advice of her father, reviewing hours of video and data of her on track performance, learning car control and working hard to build a new skill or dominate a corner of the track at every track day,  Corrine was officially hooked.

It was late in 2018 and Corrine was ready to race. An endurance race at Sydney Motorsport Park co-driving with Tony would be Corrine’s first race. Effortlessly positioning herself, Corrine blindsided her opposition finishing that race in 11th out of 28 cars, Corrine had hit the ground running.

A Holden VF Redline SS race car was built over the Christmas break of 2018 for Corrine to compete in the 2019 NSW Production Touring car series. There was plenty of excitement as the build finished and testing began in lieu of the first round in February.  Throughout the year at each round, Corrine has competed competitively with solid results and her development going beyond expectations and this is all in her first year out.

As a brand Ambassador for Xforce Exhaust, Disc Brakes AustraliaSand Ground EngineeringTrack Day ClubSam’s Performance, Auto Artesian Group, Dsportz AutokraftSmartFuels2race  Arlon and Bilstein, success has been a whole lot sweeter, thanks to the commitment and generosity of Partners who stepped forward and believed in Corrine.

With five rounds down and only one more to go, that includes a night race at Sydney Motorsport Park next weekend 31st Aug – 1st September 2019, Corrine has positioned herself to finish the season with a third in class B2 while building a solid race craft with determination and a smile.

This success is testament that Corrine is a force to be reckoned with as she chips away round after round at her counterparts.  With Corrine in in the driver’s seat and in control of her future, we are excited for 2020, Corrine Virag is headed to the pointy end!













Photo courtesy –  Campbell Armstrong Rider