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PACE Project
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Slam dunk disruptive learned behaviour to own your confidence and discover potential.

Set yourself up for success with 1:1 coaching and strategies from your very own Confidence Coach and close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Utilising your new confidence principles and actively participating in the sport of high-performance driving with your Driver Coach, you will unlock a newfound sense of increased capability to seek new tasks, goals and paths with a higher belief in yourself both on and off the track. It’s fun, supportive, and conveniently set at your own PACE.

Bring your car and your enthusiasm; let’s do it!


What’s included in the PACE Project?

✅ Slam Dunk session: 1:1 for 60 minutes ONLINE with resident Confidence Coach, Yvette Kinkade. Includes workbook & personalised action plan to set you up for success.

✅ ONE FULL DAY track day event, where you participate on a race track in your car and unlock your potential. Included is Driver coaching, Group Q&A and a track walk. 

✅  1: 1 Coaching and mentorship from an Aussie motorsport champion, professional Driver Coaches, Charlotte Poynting,  Maisie Place, Jacqueline Taylor, Greg Boyle, Paul Boschert and Martin Miller (dependent upon availability on your track day )- it’s priceless!

✅ Unlimited email and text access throughout the program. We’ve got you!

✅ BONUS  – Merchandise gift pack 

✅ BONUS – Confidence PACE graduation certificate.


$ 750.00

Meet your Driver Coaches.

Charlotte Poynting Guest Coach Women's PACE Project
Greg Boyle Guest Coach PACE Project
Maisie Place Guest Coach Pace Project
Emily Duggan Guest Coach Women's PACE project
Jacqueline Taylor PACE project Driver Coach
Women's PACE Project Confidence
Lean in, there’s no better investment than you!
Women's PACE Project Confidence

Trailblazers with Driver Coach, Charlotte Poynting.



Friendly Safe Fun and Legal! Yvette and her staff made it all so easy, practical, safe and fun. Everyone is super approachable including the trainer, Greg Boyle, who improved my driving immensely.



Tom D

This was great. Marty Miller taught me so much about my car and how to drive it. The session with Yvette left me wondering why I hadn’t done this sooner, some big wins for me.

Tom D


Yvette, you believed in me, and that means more this week than you could possibly know.
On Sunday on track, I learnt to breathe every time I shifted, sounds easy, but it isn’t. It made a huge difference in how I drive.


Tania. N

I’d lost the passion that I used to feel for the things that I used to love doing Since the Women’s PACE Project, I’m believing in myself again.
Signing up for The Women’s PACE Project is one of the best things I’ve done.
Initially, it was the driving aspect that made me sign up but in the end, I gained so much more from this course. I believe in myself again!
It gave me the opportunity to set goals and the tools to help achieve them. I’ve met an amazing group of women. We have laughed together and cried together. It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful to Yvette for running such an amazing course.


Melissa H

WOW. I joined the PACE Project in February 2022 and so many things have changed in my life since.

I changed my career path and I feel like my younger self after the experience, I’m back to being my best version of me.

The track-day experiences are an awakening and the day leaves you feeling so empowered. My improvement over two track days by using a new mindset is mindblowing.

I still can’t believe how far I have come

I also really want to thank Yvette for giving me the tools to find my confidence, it has been such a fantastic experience.

Melissa H

Amanda. S

This was exactly what I was looking for and there is nothing else like it. The complete program that you offer covers every aspect of motorsport and is specifically targeted for women making it even better.
Being confident to know that I can be competitive in my current race series and I can improve. I now know that I have in no way peaked in my performance and I will continue to get better each time I race.
If you are anyone that wants to get more involved in motorsport, someone who loves the idea of taking their car on the track, someone who wants to learn more about their car or wants to take themselves to the next level, this program is for you. I loved every aspect of the program! It looks at every aspect of racing and the track and proves that they are all just as important as each other, which sets it apart from just another driving training program. Yvette is amazing and builds this little supportive unit around you that will last even after the program is finished. Thank you so much for building this amazing program!




If I can do it anyone can!
Seriously. Am going to frame my certificate as so proud of myself and that has expanded to other areas. Amazing support and encouragement.
Seeing so many different people train us and get in cars with us was amazing.
The community. Just bloody amazing. So accepting and welcoming.
Thank you. I can’t say that enough. My driving each day is so different and so much more confident.



Yvette. M

I was stuck in a loop (or loops) of my own construction. My narrative was driven out of a personally unkind place. I couldn’t be confident because I kept telling myself I wasn’t ever going to achieve the standards I set, and when I did achieve anything close to what I wanted I focused on the failure within the success.

After the PACE Project, I like myself a lot more. That’s really big for me! I feel a greater strength across the board in my life now. I feel more able to align with my true life.



What a blast. I can’t believe it have just done this. I feel so amazing. I’m so damn proud of myself. Look at me!




Firstly, thank you and your team for hosting such an amazing event, it can be so intimidating, but I felt so comfortable and inspired by a wonderful group of women. I have never felt so at home than I did yesterday. Oh, and the coach was amazing. I took away so much. I can’t wait until the next event. I’ve been through so much in the last year, and I can honestly say that I’m finding myself through motorsport, so thank you.



I looked into the Women’s events that are held through Track Day Club when I lost a lot of confidence. This had to have been one of the best things I have ever done for my confidence. One of the best parts – COACHES! Having a Coach guide you is something I can speak so highly of. I can’t wait to sign up for the Women’s program for 2021; I know I have so much space to learn and grow. As Yvette keeps reminding us all, just keep breathing!”



I can’t believe it’s over!  I have had such an awesome time and honestly, you have pushed me to explore my own ability and confidence this year.



All the details

Slam Dunk session.


Insight and discovery with a 1:1 x 60-minute session where we share the fundamental principles, expectations and outcomes of the PACE Project to ensure you are equipped and ready for the track day and what lies ahead.

Resident Life and Confidence Coach Yvette Kinkade will work with you to focus on your strengths and values and explore the mindset that will invite more confidence to your life. ​​Many of us are stuck on the life we think we ‘should’ rather than living the life we want. We often get in our own way, and now it’s time to start shifting that mindset.

You will set goals, and we will define the path to your desired outcome.


Track to Success. 


Your track day.

Take yourself to your very edge, lean in and prepare for exhilaration and a lot of fun; we’ve got you! Fear often steals our courage, but with your helmet in hand and us by your side, you will be astounded at what you can achieve.

You will be equipped with 1:1 and group driver coaches, a track walk, theory and practical assets, priority access and probably a few butterflies. Plus, learn a bit about car maintenance, braking applications and techniques and practical advice to utilise when driving on and off the track. Tyres, wheel, tread wear, fit-for-purpose application, and all-important top driving techniques. This day is catered for all vehicle experience levels; all you need is your car, a helmet and enthusiasm.

Located at Pheasant Wood Circuit.


 Hey Confidence. 

It’s time to trust yourself; you have so got this! With your newfound confidence and armed with a strategy toolkit, insight and knowledge from your track day plus a village behind you, it’s time to unleash and celebrate how far you have come. The edge of your zone has shifted, and you’ll be astounded at what you have achieved. You are fuelled by an ageless, all-inclusive and fun sport. Now is the time to say hello to more confidence, empowerment, achievement and performance. Welcome PACE into your life!


If you are keen to get back on track with your newfound confidence – a second track day is available at the end of the course for an additional cost of $285. Take yourself to the next level with all the benefits of Track to Success. Please speak to the Team if you are interested.

Now let’s do this!

women over 50 sydney
PACE Project
muslim women drive hijab empowerment

Who are we ?

The PACE Project is powered by Track Day Club.

Track Day Club has over twelve years of expertise in track day events across the eastern seaboard of Australia. With a modern and innovative approach to track days, Track Day Club leads the way with an all-inclusive and welcoming offering whilst delivering the opportunity to drive your car on the track.

From the novice to the enthusiast or someone in between, access all areas of friendship, education, information, inspiration and fun. Get involved and surround yourself with a like-minded community all enjoying not only the track time but a good time.

Weekend track days, corporate events and club days are also available.

Confidence is a key foundation from which achievement, success and happiness are built.

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