8th March 2023. Cecil Hills High School IWD Guest Speaker and Podcast. Celebrating International Women’s Day, it was a privilege to speak to over one hundred Year 12 students. We also recorded a podcast; take a listen! The future of our world is in our classrooms.



22nd  October 2021. Edna Ryan Awards Winner  – Community Activism. Celebrating our contribution to improving women’s lives by championing women’s participation in motorsport.




11th October 2021. StreetIQ ARA21 Winner  – Best Educational Program for Women’s PACE Project and Best Automotive Event for Track Day Club.




18th March 2021. Speedcafe  – Innovative Motorsport Program.




17th March 2021. Sports365  – Women in the drivers seat.

7th March 2021. DRIVE – International Women’s Day 2021, Car Clubs for Women.

12th November 2020. SEMA – “She Is” SEMA Spotlight Yvette KInkade. 

31st July 2020. In Pit Lane  – Women with Wheels.

23rd July 2020. Australian Auto Sport Alliance  – AASA Fosters Female Participation.

23rd July 2020. Speedcafe – All Women’s Track Day.

17th January 2020. Driven Women’s Magazine – Have you ever wanted to take to the track?

24th October 2019. StreetIQ ARA19 Winner Ms StreetIQ 2019.

13th April 2017. Western Advocate – Women help fuel Krincorp Racing.

14th October 2016. In Venus Veritas – Track Day Club.

31st July 2015. In Venus Veritas – Petrolettes Volume 2.