If you need precious seat time or testing and precise timing is important to you, make Track Day Club your first choice.

Track Day Club uses the MYLAPs timing system which is the same timing system used in the Bathurst 6-hour and 12-hour category as it’s reliable and dependable.

Any timing system is only be a good as it’s operator. The MYLAPS timing system utilised at Track Day Club is operated by Eldee Timing, who have over 23 years’ experience in the business.

Eldee Timing founder, Lisa Drayton, is a well-respected and CAMS Gold licenced timekeeper and has made her mark in the motorsport scene. Over the time, Lisa has seen many changes in the technology and has tested many timing systems.

“We have tried different timing systems and we find MYLAPS to be the more reliable of the systems” said Ms. Drayton

“With Eldee Timing timekeeping over 250 events a year including Supersprints, Interclub days, Speedway, Drags and Motorbike events a long battery life, reliability and consistency is all important”

To give you a premium experience and the best value for your money, Eldee Timing and the MYLAPS system is included at every Track Day Club track day!

So, IF TIME MATTERS…trackdayclub.com.au

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