It’s all about that good feel vibe!

Sunday 3rd November was a sensational Track Day Club event. The sunshine beamed till 3pm and the cars were the stars with the #TDCpeeps proving they are legends!

Family reigned supreme, so many family combos, participating, supporting and cheering each other along. Mothers and Daughters, Father and Sons, Father and Daughters all on track vying for a li’l bit of that friendly competitive edge combined with a whole lot of fun. I’m sure upcoming family dinner conversations will be entertaining!

A dedicated and exclusive women’s group saw a plethora of awesome cars and their owners participating. From novice to enthusiast, this group was about supporting each other, building confidence together, exploring driver capability and importantly, in a safe and super enjoyable space. A big thank you to Driver Coaches Corrine Virag and Mechelle Sayhoun for sharing their motorsport passion and expertise. Getting these coaches into your car transforms the day and opens up a world of possibilities. I was thrilled drive in the group with the women and have some great GoPro footage to share in the coming weeks. The success of this group inspired a draw for a free track day for the women who participated, stay tuned for the draw next Saturday! YAY.

A big thank you to Driven Women Magazine for coming along to meet and shoot this amazing group of women and their fabulous cars as part of an upcoming article. So many inspiring articles to enjoy from the only women’s motoring magazine of its kind.

There were so many standouts throughout the day, a couple I need to mention, a crowd favourite was five very cool APRA Pulsars testing for the next round, they put on a great show and it was awesome to have them along. Regular, Craig, booking an earlier flight while a business trip and timing it perfectly to get into Goulburn, so as not to miss any track time, the return of Rob and cookie monsters, and those beautiful homemade delights from Mechelle and Karen! That’s passion and we love it!

We welcomed Alex from Airborne Studio, who shot some cool drone and vid footage that will be through the event vid from the day. Look out for awesome customised deals coming your way in 2020, thanks for sharing all the footage!

Our beloved Driver Coach Greg Boyle (Gregory to some) nailed a PB of 1:02.4 and still didn’t disappoint as he in and out of cars sharing his knowledge and that smile with us all, You are a star. Thank you!

It was awesome to also have Tony Virag and Joe Krinelos driver coaching yesterday. Both have extensive production car racing experience and are always ready to step up and share their enthusiasm and expertise. Thank you, you two rock! #giveback

Thanks to the sensational #TDCTeam, you are truly awesome! These days are BIG and this team deliver with such precision. Thank you soo much James, George, Peter, Emely, Mechelle, Nick, Pat, Digs and Mark.

Phil and Raceaway Track Time  were looking fine yesterday. A schmick display, cars for hire, driver development on offer plus Phil was in and out of cars helping out! How good is that? That’s legendary worthy! Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!

Gus and the team from Kumho Motorsport Tyres were busy, fitting, talking tyres and offering plenty of insights and recommendations. Order your tyres ahead of the event and have them fitted on the day .. yep, you heard right, contact the boys and line up your tyres and the fitting!

Thank you SR Performance, we appreciate your ongoing support, dedication and mechanical love LOL.. Amazing!

We welcomed Les and Josh from Eurokustoms Ultratune Mascot as they showcased their Stage 2 Golf GTI Clubsport and great deals for performance tuning, exhausts & hardware for European cars and managed to nail some solid track time too.

To Neale from Neale Photo, the passion you have for cars shines through in all you shoot. I hope each of you gave Neale a thumbs up when you saw the hi-vis vest and the camera. There will be plenty of stunning shots coming your way in the next weeks, stay tuned!

Times can be found at Natsoft, Concise timing delivered every time, nothing beats that!

To the Team at Wakefield Park, we really appreciate your ongoing support all while keeping us safe! Thank you.

We are back TRACK DAY CLUB ™ Saturday 7th March 2020 Wakefield Park Bookings are open at
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