The sights and sounds of a broad scope of cars on track braking cornering and running wide open throttle driven by an incredible group of performance devotees on the magnificent Queensland Raceway made for a sensational weekend.

We met so many passionate enthusiasts who couldn’t wait to share their cool cars and stories with us. The track was spectacular, the weather beautiful and the mood electric.

When they say Queensland is beautiful one day and perfect the next, they’re not kidding. Queensland, you welcomed us with open arms! The conversations and camaraderie made us feel like putting on a maroon jersey, well almost! LOL

Firstly, a massive thank you to Queensland Raceway for inviting us to the sunny state to do what we do. Your willingness to share the track experience with as many people as possible is not only commendable, it’s extremely progressive. #futureproofing

To the new friends and the fire we’ve ignited in each of you, thank you! Those who drove, passenger-ed, spectated and supported, welcome!

The TDC Team, each of you are extraordinary! Bringing the best of what we do to a new track interstate and like clockwork! Nothing phases this team, always getting the job done with ease. Thank you!

To our friends from NSW, those who flew, drove and are so supportive, all in the name of a damn good weekend with some mates and best of all, a run at QR. How good was that? A few too many ports and plenty of laughs till late in the night made this weekend a blast!

To our Driver Coach, Greg, what an effort. Thank you! In and out of cars throughout the day, always in high demand and never with out your trademark smile. Plus a few laps in ARGO. #bonus #lapenhancer

Our friends at DBA – Disc Brakes Australia and Burson Auto Parts, thank you! With lots of interest and enquiry, we kept the boys busy as they shared info with each of you. Those fantastic TDC discount cards were popular too.

Thank you, KOYA Wheels Australia, sparking interest with a line-up of very cool rims to get up close with, plus free refreshments for the crowd!

Thank you to the boys at SR Performance for the ongoing support. You rock!

To MTR Images, we love your enthusiasm. Shooting every angle possible. You are an absolute gentleman! Check out all the photos here.

Thanks to the team at QR, who were on the ground on the day, we appreciate all your help!

Tamworth Car Carrying, thank you, you’re legends! Getting our cars up to QR on time and unscathed.

What a brilliant weekend and lastly a BIG Happy Birthday to the voice of Track Day Club, George!

NSW, we are back at Wakefield Park for another epic event on Saturday 4th August 2018. Book now!

See you on track!