TRACK WALKS – what are these walks about?

The Track walk is a renowned practice drivers use to better understand the nuance of a track, ultimately to achieve a better lap. Basically, it’s a reconnaissance mission.

While driving simulators are a very good way to learn a track, nothing beats having your feet on the ground, feeling your way round a track.

The track walk is the first task to complete at a Track Day Club track day, and while it may take some extra motivation first thing in the morning,  a track walk is always revealing and insightful, if you know how to do them properly.

Like many drivers who go on a track walk, you might not know what you’re looking for other than to look for something — anything — to help you find your way through each turn a little better.

Our track walks cover fundamentals and reference points of each corner like exit apex, apex, slow point of the corner, turn-in point and braking point plus, we explore track surface, grip and discuss expectations and more.

Our track walks are interactive where we answer many questions about the best overtaking spots,  what happens if.., how to approach certain corners and all of the questions that pop into your head as you think about the ideal lap and the ideal line/way round the track for you and your car.

USA Author, racecar driver and coach Ross Bentley, talks about track walks and says,  “Sometimes in the car at speed, you just can’t notice some things, and I’m a big believer in the driver that has the most reference points wins”

The track walk is where you can unlock many things that will serve you when it’s time to get on track. Plus, there’s the fun and the communal aspect of a track walk, and that value extends beyond the basic premise of performing a reconnaissance mission.

So it isn’t just a basic walk to look at the track, which is important; it’s way more than that! We look forward to welcoming you on the next Track Day Club track day for the early morning track walk and a whole lot of track day fun!













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