The good vibes flowed as we basked in the sun with so many enthusiastic stars and their cars.
The sights and those sounds of the supercharged brigade, the Holdens, Fords and an awesome Jeep TrackHawk put an end to the myth of Pheasant Wood Circuit – Marulan NSW being too narrow a track. Let me tell you, it’s smooth, wide, fantastic and we loved it!
We were privileged to welcome the incredible Falken GTR Racing R32 Skyline GT-R. We delighted in seeing so much history and pedigree on track doing what it does best!
A magnificent Meteor Ghia with the optioned crotchet blanket was a real crowd fav and a pretty and fast AE86, WOW, we haven’t seen one of those for a while, that was cool.
A mass of magic MX5’s delighted us, and a track prepared fast BMW woo-ed us. A Baha Yamaha buggy converted for track use was wild; the Arbaths delivered some style and a big cheer for the daily’s, go the Corolla’s, Mazda’s and Magna. Woot!
We welcomed Tania,  the 2021 Women’s PACE Project Winner, back on track. We love your energy. Go You! The Women’s PACE Project 2022 enrolments are open.
A massive THANK YOU to Phil Alexander from RaceAway Track Time. Phil’s extensive racing history and racecraft set him apart. Phil led the track walk and was in and out of cars coaching throughout the day.
Phil was recently nicknamed a ‘MAGICIAN’ for his track knowledge, particularly when it comes to this track! Thank you, SIR, we really appreciate it!