Fire up your engine because the Women’s PACE Project is taking the lead in female empowerment programs.

Started by the Director of Track Day Club, YVETTE KINKADE, the ‘Women Only’ project is for females who want to explore ambition, unleash self-confidence, and learn to bring their A-game to all aspects of their life.

PACE includes two full track days in May, followed by three half-days in June and July for Tech & Tactics and Confidence Coaching. Women will hone their driving skills and challenge their comfort zone under the guidance of two Aussie champions, Professional Driver Coaches: Charlotte Poynting and Emily Duggan.

However, it’s the Confidence Mindset Masterclass, hosted by KINKADE—also a Professional Life Coach—which separates PACE from other empowerment retreats, courses or female activities.

Over 4-hours, the masterclass helps women break down their limiting beliefs and mental barriers, determine their strengths and values, plus set powerful goals to achieve by the end of PACE.

“Some women play golf. Others do yoga. But there are women out there who want to challenge their mindset and be involved in a sport that supports them to live confidently. That’s why I started the PACE Project.” Kinkade said.

Performance. Achievement. Confidence. Empowerment—that’s PACE, and it’s delivered on the race track.

“Women reinvent themselves in 5-days—it’s a life-changing experience. The transformation in self-confidence, self-belief and the sense of achievement reported is phenomenal. These women prove to themselves what they’re capable of. It’s inspiring.” Kinkade said.

For more information on the Women’s PACE Project, come this way.

Commencing 1st May 2021.


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