How good was Saturday the 1st June? This VID is up!
The crew were back together and we welcomed many new faces, we have ‘em hooked after a fun filled day!
Clouds and a chill factor didn’t phase us as we admired, laughed, caught up, helped one another and got on track! THIS IS Track Day Club
We delighted in a diverse assortment of classic and modern muscle and some very fast and pretty JDM.The cool weather had a chorus of turbos whistling. We loved the sporty hatches and those very sleek euros.
We’re known for bringing in the big bangers and we didn’t disappoint with at least five supercharged V8’s and a host of NA’s rumbling on track!
To our resident photographer, Campbell, gave it his all  – The photos can be viewed HERE
Big Congrats to Mathew Foley who won the FREE Track Day Club track day at One Raceway. 🎉 woohoo!
All Primary Drivers from the day were surprised with a VIP PRESALE RED TICKET💥and each will receive presale access to tickets ahead of general ticket sales! 👌🏼 That’s a WIN! 🏆

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Track Day Club event!

Skyline at a track day